FP 7/ capacities/ research infrastructure Project idea : Development

FP 7/ capacities/ research infrastructure
Project idea : Development of a FRESHWATER OBSERVATORY NETWORK
Freshwater ecosystems provide a number of important ecosystem services
including supply of drinking water, support of biotic diversity, transportation
of commercial goods, and opportunity for recreation. Based on past trends it
is likely that these and other services will come increasingly under stress in
the future and may be magnified under the future climatic scenarios. These
ecological systems are characterized by high spatial and temporal variability
by non-linear dynamics and coupled with various physical/biological
processes. Moreover, variability in ecological systems affects the general
public and commands the attention of resource managers and policy makers.
In order to understand this complexity and variability researchers must use
multiple approaches, including modeling, comparative analyses, and longterm observations.
The goal of a freshwater ecology observatory network is to build a scalable,
persistent network of freshwater ecology observatories. Data will allow us to
better understand key processes in freshwater ecosystems across different
latitude , trophic … e.t.c. gradients in European countries aiming also at the
implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive.
Cutting-edge technologies will be used for real-time gathering of
hydrological, physical, and chemical data while infrastructure for
determining the ecological status should also be available.
Besides serving as a resource to the greater scientific community through
open access to data and opportunities for research projects that take
advantage of the enhanced monitoring network, the Observatory also will
provide outreach to policy makers and to the public, local communities
e.t.c. in order to be realized the participatory management .
Ifigenia Kagalou
Assist. Prof. University of Thessaly, Greece
e-mail. ikagalou @cc.uoi.gr