The resources of water

Our Life is the WATER
The resources of water
• From the Earth’s water,only 3% in is freshwater, all the rest is saline
(saltwater from the oceans).Let’s look at that 3%! 68.7% of
freshwater are icecaps and glaciers, 30.1% is ground water,0.9%
are other waters, and only 0.3% of freshwater is surface water
(that meens: 87%:lakes, 11%:swamps, and 2% are rivers).
The exploitation of water
• In our world we use water in many ways.We use
it to flush our toilets, to cook, to take a bath or
have a shower, to wash our clothes
etc…Besides our homes we use water in
factories, for sports, for drinking, and many other
ways and different places.Water is the most
important thing on the world, besides oxigen.In
the future water is going to more important when
the world runs out of oil stocks.Even the cars are
going to run with water.
The water’s exploitation index in
• Abstractions for different uses exert the
most significant pressure on the quantity
of freshwater resources. The total water
abstraction in Europe is about 353
km3;/year, which means that 10% of
Europe's total freshwater resources is
The water usage on the world
The waters importance in
• We can split agriculture into two main
sections: plant and animal breeding.As we
know the water has a very important
function in both, so important, that if there
would be no water, agriculture wouldn’t
even exist…
• We know that the animals need water just
as us, humans. Without water, all of the
animals would die in a few days on weeks.
So to give the animals freshwater to drink
is crucially if we would like to consume
animal products.
• Lets look at the plants.Besides the light,
plants need good water and even better
dirt.The ”good” dirt changes in the races
of plants, but the base of the good quality
of dirt depends on the water
precentage.Without water, the plants
wouldn’t exist either, so water is the most
important in agriculture, and on the world.
The waters importance in fishing
What a title!
I think fishing would be pretty hard without
water, but peoples taste always
change.And now seriously.For animals
who live in water, water is like air for
us.What would we do without air?Nothing!
• Clean water is the most important thing for
these animals.If we don’t look out for our
clean freshwater(and saltwater) and we
pollute it, the world is going to end much
sooner as we thought.If the water
changes, if it gets polluted, lots of things
will change in our world that we are not
ready to conform to.
• In the future water is going to more
important when the world runs out of oil
stocks.Even the cars are going to run with
• Right now the people just use to much
water, they don’t look ahead in the future,
and they don’t respect water because it’s
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• Siwek Dávid
• Takács Dániel
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