Population and Water Availablility questions

Population and Water Availability
Directions: Write your name and notebook entry on top. You can use your maps,
notes, and the data handouts for this assignment. Some questions will require
critical thinking and creativity. The answers may not be right in front of you. You
may write on the back or on another sheet of paper. You may work with your
1. Name the countries where each of the following rivers begin, flow through,
and end.
a. Nile
b. Tigris
c. Euphrates
d. Jordan
2. What are the additional fresh water sources for North Africa and Southwest
3. If one country were to dam or otherwise control a river, how would it affect
the other countries downstream?
4. What problems could affect the river downstream? List 2 examples.
5. Look at the population growth rate for the provided countries. Which three
countries have the highest population growth rate? (See Demographic and
Reproductive Health Indicators table)
6. As the populations increase, how will it freshwater be affected? List 2 ways.
7. Which sector uses the most freshwater? Who can make the most difference
by changing their water usage?
8. Name and describe three ways water usage and/or retrieval can change to
help ensure enough freshwater for everybody. Describe a positive and
negative for each. Do not just say more or less freshwater.