Study Guide for Unit 5: Water in Earth`s Processes List the following

Study Guide for Unit 5: Water in Earth’s Processes
List the following in order from largest to smallest:
Liquid freshwater, solid freshwater, saltwater
2. If the percentage of Earth’s surface is 30% land, what percent is covered by water?
3. In what form is most freshwater found?
4. What percent of the Earth’s water is freshwater? Saltwater?
5. What are some ways to conserve water?
6. What is happening to the amount for freshwater on Earth? Why?
7. What causes condensation?
8. Be able to label to following oceans on a map: Arctic, Atlantic, Indian, Pacific, and Southern
9. Where does the water vapor in the atmosphere come from?
10. Explain how some inland lakes have high salinity. How are they formed?
11. Know the Water Cycle:
12. What forms a watershed?
Study Guide for Unit 5: Water in Earth’s Processes
13. What part of the ocean has the lowest salinity? Highest?
14. What takes place at the Equator to increase salinity?
15. What happens at the North/South Pole to increase salinity?
16. Label the following diagram: