Freshwater Biome - Latter

Science 1-26a—Freshwater Biome
Types of Freshwater
Even ditches, gutters, canals, and
puddles can be a freshwater habitat
because animals will use them for
Other Interesting
A large variety of animals live in
freshwater habitats: frogs, crab, shrimp,
turtles, fish, manatee, and various
insects live in the water. Living around
the water you can find beaver,
raccoon, possum, bears, foxes, many
kinds of birds, and other animals that
rely on the water as a drinking source.
Worms, snakes, salamanders, insects
like mosquitoes, flies, and dragonflies
are also abundant near fresh water.
More than 700 species of fish
(41 percent of the fish species found
on Earth) and 1,200 species of
amphibians, mollusks, and insects live
in freshwater biomes.
The Florida Everglades in the United
States is the biggest freshwater biome
in the world.
70 % of the Earth's surface is covered
by water; only 2.5% of it is fresh water,
which includes ice caps and glaciers.
The rest of it is salt water.
There are plenty of plants
in freshwater areas including grass,
spike rush, bull rush, pickerel weed,
cattail, and water lily. You will also find
many different trees and bushes.
Cyanobacteria is the blue and green
algae that you will find in most
freshwater biomes, and many insects
and small animals in the water feed on
this algae.
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