My junk material house


My junk material house

One morning I walked into my class. My teacher was called Miss Meehan. Just then she announced tomorrow boys and girls, bring in junk materials because we are going to make out own junk houses! I got very excited. The next morning I chose some empty cardboard boxes. About 30 minutes later I got my shoes on then I got into the car. In school I began to plan my house. I worked with Tom and Pearce. We chose to build an apartment. We used a large pamper box for the first floor. We used sellotape to stick together another large box to make the apartment much bigger. We used a bran flake box to add to the height of our apartment. On the side of the apartment, I stuck a piece of cardboard to make it look like a balcony. On the very top of the boxes, I used a shoe box lid to make the roof. In the roof, we cut a hole and used an empty toilet roll to make a chimney. We used a pizza box to make a triangle roof.

After we had finished, we glued on windows and doors. Then we sellotaped it to the big hotel other boys in my class were making.

By Thomas P3ME