Paragraph Unity

Paragraph Unity
When a paragraph has unity, all the
supporting sentences discuss only one
idea. From beginning to end, each
sentence is directly related to the topic.
In some languages, it is acceptable to
wander away from the topic - to make
little side trips to ideas that are
somewhat, but not directly, related to
the main topic. In English, doing so is
not acceptable because it breaks the
unity of the paragraph.
My first apartment was very small. It was
a studio apartment, so it had only one main
room and a bathroom. The main room was
divided into three areas. At one end of it was
a kitchenette, where I cooked and ate my
meals. My living/sleeping area was at the
opposite end. I had just enough space for a
bed, a coffee table, a floor lamp, and a small
television. My study area was against the
back wall. I lived there for two years, but I
moved because my landlord raised the rent.
My apartment was so small that I could never
invite more than three friends over at the
same time.