Email Template Asking Donations 1

Email Template for Asking for Donations (1)
This email template gives some ideas of what you may want to include when you reach out to potential
donors. Your story is the most important piece: what happened to your community, how it affected the
people in your community, and what your community needs in order to recovery. Remember to include
your Fundraiser Profile name and link.
Dear Ben,
Recently, our community was devastated by the California Wildfires of 2014. I am writing
to let you know that we’ve started a fundraiser on Firelily, a disaster relief crowdfunding
website, and to ask for your support in our recovery.
On May 12, 2014, wildfires from the Charleston mountain range were carried toward
Springfield by high winds. Our community members were given an hour to gather their
cherished belongings and evacuate. Thankfully, everyone was able to safely evacuate.
Their property and ours was not as fortunate.
The wildfires destroyed 13 homes, severely damaged 32 homes and caused the evacuation
of more than 1200 people. The financial and emotional burden this disaster has caused is
still being understood, but we know there is a lot of work to do.
I, along with my colleagues and neighbors, are banding together to raise funds for these
homeowners. Not only those whose property was lost, but those who suffered the financial
loss of evacuation. The funds we raise will contribute to home repair and replacement,
personal property replacement, temporary housing, food, water and clothing.
I am writing to ask that you give to our cause. Your contribution may mean all the
difference in a family’s ability to recovery from this disaster.
Please visit our Firelily page, Springfield Wildfires, at There you’ll learn more about our story
and our needs, as well as be presented with an opportunity to give. Any amount will assist
in our recovery. Thank you very much for your generosity.
Best regards,
Jane Doe
Town or Springfield