Safety – Emergency Procedures As I am sure you are aware, we, at


Safety – Emergency Procedures

As I am sure you are aware, we, at Carrie Martin, take the charge of ensuring your child’s safety very seriously. Many systems and procedures are in place to make sure that students are safe. Beyond the day to day expectations of adult supervision in the classroom and on the playground, we work proactively to help students know how to advocate for themselves in conflict situations, how to respond in an appropriate manner, and how to enlist adult help if they need it. Ms. Schmitt, our school counselor, works with every class on anti-bullying skills and procedures.

But what about a real crisis? We’ve worked very hard to be prepared in that event, as well. During the very first week of school, we hold our first fire drill. Teachers work with their students to ensure that they know what to do and where to go in the case of an emergency situation. We hold subsequent drills each month (evacuation (fire), lockout, lockdown, or shelter-in-place) We’ve updated our “Crisis Plan” and prepared emergency supplies in the event that an evacuation is necessary.

In case we ever have to completely evacuate the building, we have two sites that will house our students.

The first is for our special education students and those students requiring medication. Former CMES parents and local neighbors, Douglas and Elizabeth Darling (3707 Manzanita Drive), have graciously volunteered their home for this evacuation site. The remainder of our students would evacuate to Mt.

Olive Lutheran Church (3411 S. Taft). Thank you to Rev. Mark Nierman for agreeing to host our students if they have to be evacuated from our school site. In the event of a full-scale evacuation

parents would be able to reunite with their students at these locations. Only those listed on the emergency card would be able to claim students (usual procedure).