Isabella Sambi Biography

Saint Stephen
I have chosen Saint Stephen, because he cared for all the people around him, even if
he didn’t know them.
Saint Stephen was born in 967AD. The town he was born in was called, Vajk in
Esztergon. He was a Christian; his parents were baptised. When he was older, he
became the patron saint of Hungary. His parents were: Geza, grand prince of Hungary
who e married Gisela of Bavaria. People used to say his face looked like the face of
an angel. He fought for the throne and managed to get it.
After Saint Stephen was crowned he became a father. The baby eventually became
Saint Emeril of Hungary. Everyday, when he grew up, he would pray to God to thank
him. After that, he started talking about God in front of all the people.
He got stoned to death just because, as a Christian, he was talking about God and how
he was guiding us through life. When people were throwing stones at him, he had a
vision that God had come down from heaven and had said something to him before he
He was buried in a tomb. Stephen’s wife never told her son how his father died. He
died in August 15 1038. His Feast day is on the 26th December.
Prayer: O God grant that we may imitate the Saint we honour and learn to love
By Isabella Sambi