Comm. Site Lighting Checklist 3-1-2015

Commercial Site Lighting
Application Checklist
Non-electronic for 11x17 plans or smaller
Site Plan/Building Application # ________________________________
 Completed Commercial Application Form
 Legal Landowner Signatures, Commercial Business Representative Affidavit, or Limited Power
of Attorney.
 Provide the following required Virginia State Contractor’s License
 Contractors License- A/B/C
 Electrical License- A/B/C
 Electrical Tradesman License & Affidavit
 Two(2) sets of plans
 Drawings shall contain electrical service feeding lights including riser diagram.
 Drawings shall show wire sizes/circuit information for circuits supplying lights.
 Drawings shall show specific footing details from the light manufacturer’s specs on lights and
poles being used or an engineer’s footing design is required.
 Show location and type of all lights on plan.
 Signature, name, and occupation of Designer are required on plans.
 Three (3) Site Plans
 Site plans must show the location and type of lights being used.
 If property is adjacent to residential properties then a lighting matrix is required.
 Lighting matrix must show the footcandles at the property line.
 Plan must also show the adjacent parcels with zoning classifications.
Note: Footcandles at the property lines cannot exceed 0.5 when adjacent to residential properties.
If you have any questions, please contact the Code Compliance Office (540) 507-7222.
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