Food Business Checklist Accessible Version

Give your food business a green start
Your business can make a start towards becoming more sustainable by minimising
energy and water usage and reducing waste. Use this checklist to help you get
Get advice about practical ways your business can be more sustainable
Talk to suppliers, builders, electricians and plumbers before you set up.
Think about design
For example, make the best use of natural light or insulate the building.
Use environmentally friendly materials
Local, reconditioned or recycled materials are available.
See our Sustainable Purchasing fact sheet for more information.
Install efficient heating, cooling and ventilation
Systems should have a 5 star rating (or above) and be the right size for your
See our Efficient Heating and Cooling fact sheet for more information.
Refrigerate wisely
Food businesses can spend up to 7 per cent of their electricity costs on refrigerators.
It is important to ensure yours is energy efficient, working properly and the right size
for your needs.
See our Reducing your Refrigeration Costs fact sheet for more information.
Install energy efficient appliances
Including computers, copiers and printers. Check that power saving settings are
Install smarter lighting
Compact fluorescent and LED lights are efficient options.
Sensors can be installed to switch off lights automatically when you leave the
Lighting can also be zoned to only light the area needed.
Speak to your electrician for more information.
Save water
Reduce the flow rate of taps. Consider using a rainwater tank to flush toilets.
See our Water Saving fact sheet for more information.
Avoid waste and recycle
Plan to order what you know you can sell – balance the look of abundance
with the potential for spoilage.
Council offers a business recycling service. Call 9243 8888 for information.
See our Waste Reduction and Recycling fact sheet for more information.
Operate sustainably
Let your staff know how important sustainability is to your business and encourage
new ideas.
Choose GreenPower from an energy supplier - the most convenient way to
source renewable energy.
Purchase sustainably.
See our Sustainable Purchasing fact sheet for more information.