Ian Rossiter on lighting emissions

Ian Rossiter on lighting emissions - TRANSCRIPT
[Text on screen: Reducing Emissions.]
[Text on screen: Lighting ‘Reducing Emissions’]
Ian Rossiter (Director of Open Spaces and Environment, Ballarat Council):
The first initiative we took was to actually undertake a detailed audit of all of our decorative lighting
outside, our security lighting and of course the major facilities such as the town hall that we’re in
today to make sure that we’re aware of what sort of lighting fittings we had.
And from there we developed a plan of investment looking at what could we change, how might we
change it, what would the cost be and what would be the payback period.
For example one that stands out is we changed over the car-park lighting at a major car-park here
that is owned by council and we’ve saved 70% on our electricity costs by changing from traditional
high-pressure sodium and mercury vapour lighting over to fluorescent lighting with active reactors
which ensure that as it turns on its minimising and optimising the electricity consumption.
I think the key learning is that it’s not just about infrastructure, that what we’re really embarking
upon in trying to reduce our energy consumption and our greenhouse emissions through this sort
of approach – it’s also partly behavioural. So we’ve had to implement a major behavioural change
program for not just our own staff but our cleaners, people coming into our facilities – and that
requires quite a bit of communication and reinforcement because people change, people have
certain patterns – so it’s really about making sure that there’s an integrated approach of changing
the infrastructure, explaining to people the reason we’re doing it, and making sure that there’s
people around to take responsibility for turning lights off or that can ensure that we don’t turn lights
on if we don’t really need them because you could open the window and let some light in.
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Duration: 1:45
SOURCE: http://www.mav.asn.au/policy-services/environment/climate-change/emissionsreduction-and-mitigation/Pages/default.aspx
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