EARTH HOUR 7th Grade Leadership Seminar





Grade Leadership Seminar

Every year, people around the world are encouraged to turn off their lights at home for one hour by an organization known as Earth Hour. This saves a lot of electricity and helps the future generations of the Earth. The seventh grade leadership seminar at Valley Forge Middle School would like everyone to participate in this worldwide phenomenon. We would also like to reward those who participate with a special prize. Please go home and turn off the lights on Saturday, March 29

th , 2014, from 8:30

to 9:30 pm and have a parent or guardian sign this permission slip. Bring the bottom half of the slip back to school by April 2 nd for a coupon for free frozen yogurt in the cafeteria. Don’t forget, you must turn off all the lights (No cheating!). Likewise, we would also like for you to bring in pictures of you and your family celebrating Earth Hour attached to the signed permission slip. We would like to make a bulletin board at school that shows all of you supporting Earth Hour. We hope that you participate in this unique experience. If you would like more information about Earth Hour, please check out their official website: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _ My child, __________________________________ has turned off the lights at home for one hour on Saturday, March 29 th , from 8:30 to 9:30 PM, to celebrate Earth Hour. X___________________________________________________________ (Parent or Guardian Signature)