Tectonic Activity

GCSE Revision guide
Key words from the specification
basic lava
composite volcano
compressional margin
continental plate
• earthquake
• fold mountains
• Richter scale
• shield volcano
Checklist for revision
1 know the names of several large plates making
up the Earth's surface.
1 can recognize a compressional and tensional
plate margin.
1 know what happens at different plate margins
and the features produced.
1 know the world distribution and formation of
fold mountains.
1 know the world distribution of volcanoes.
1 know the reasons why they are located at plate
1 know the appearance and formation of:
• shield volcanoes • composite volcanoes.
1 know the world distribution of earthquakes.
1 know why they are located near plate
1 know how earthquakes are measured.
1 know the advantages and disadvantages of
settlement in areas prone to earthquakes and
1 know reasons why tectonic events have different
effects in:
• LEDCs and MEDCs • urban and rural areas.
Case studies
1 know one for human activity in fold mountains.
1 know one for the effects and response to a
volcanic eruption.
1 know one for the effects and response to an
• tectonic activity
• tensional margin
• volcano
Understand and Need more
Do not understand
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