2.4.1.Technical Report outline

Problem 2.4.1 Structural Design
Technical Report outline:
● Submitted correctly as a PDF
● Title Page: (Must be its own page)
Title of the project
Picture of your final bridge design
Your name
Course title
Name of your school
● Design Brief
● Research Summary (A narrative of the research you did)
● Brainstorming Sketches from engineers notebook: (take pictures of your
notebook and insert them as an image into your report)
● Modification Sketches: (snapshots of the different bridges you tried)
● Final Bridge Design: (screenshot of final design, including the final price)
● Final Design Justification: (why your bridge is what it is).
● References: (List the resources you looked at)
● Conclusion (answer the following questions)
1. How does the type and direction of stress applied affect the selection of the
material type and the cross-sectional area?
2. How can the forces of compression and tension work together to make a
stronger bridge?
● Charts: (copy the charts from your packet into the report)
Deck Elevation Cost Impact
Arch Abutment Cost Impact
Pier Cost Impact
Cable Anchorages Cost Impact
Deck Material and Truck Loading Cost Impact
Member Material Selection Comparison
Member Cross Section Type Comparison
Member Cross Section Size Comparison
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