Study Guide for Biodiversity / Community / Evolution Test

Study Guide for Biodiversity / Community / Evolution Test
Information is found in:
Chapters 5, 6, 11 and 12
Relevant Power Point Presentations that are in the calendar
Endangered species (why do they become endangered / risk factors, etc.)
Camouflage, mimicry, other evolutionary adaptations
Evolution, natural selection, types of selection (disruptive, stabilizing, directional)
Importance of genetic variation / population size
Functions of various governmental agencies
Types of species (indicator, keystone, generalist, specialist)
Native versus non-native species (invasive)
Symbiosis (types of relationships)
Competition (inter / intra specific)
Ecological / realized / competitive exclusion (niche & related terms)
Predator-prey relationships
Island biogeography
Biodiversity (value of, things that are harmful to it, richness)
Habitat fragmentation
Biogeochemical cycles (nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus, carbon)
Climate and evolution connection
Relevant laws and policies
Reasons populations would be (or not be) prone to extinction
Biological diversity
Energy acquisition for organisms
Reintroduction programs
Succession (primary & secondary)
Population dynamics (density, immigration, emigration, etc.)
Allelic frequency / frequency of traits
Sustainable forestry
Extinction / mass extinctions
Types of isolation
What effects species diversity