Biological Diversity, Animal Behavior & Endangered Species

Biological Diversity, Animal Behavior & Endangered Species
Study Guide
1. What is biodiversity?
2. Biological diversity involves the following concepts. Explain each:
Genetic diversity
Habitat/ecosystem diversity
Species diversity
3. Why is biodiversity high in some places but low in others?
4. List 3 ways diversity is important.
5. Explain what the following biodiversity indices measure and how they are used: Richness,
Evenness, Shannon-Weiner index.
6. What are the characteristics make a species more prone to becoming extinct?
7. Explain in situ vs ex situ.
8. List 3 endangered species.
9. Summarize the Endangered Species Act & CITES. How do eacht protect endangered
species? How are they enforced?
10.What is biological evolution by natural selection, and how can it account for the current
diversity of organisms on the earth?
11.How can geologic processes, climate change and catastrophes affect biological evolution?
12.What is an ecological niche, and how does it help a population adapt to changing the
environmental conditions?
13.How have human activities affected the earth’s biodiversity?
14.What is ecological restoration, and why is it important?
15.What can we do to help sustain the earth’s terrestrial biodiversity?
16.How do biologists estimate extinction rates, and how do human activities affect these
17.Which human activities endanger wildlife?
18.How can we help prevent premature extinction of species?
19.What is HIPPO C?