Jeopardy Review Chapter 22 and 23 Quiz Countdown to

Jeopardy Review
Chapter 22 and 23 Quiz
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Biodiversity It’s Getting’ Harder
& Harder to Breathe
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CE100: This is a relatively short period of time when a lot of species die. ANSWER=mass
CE200: Extinction is a term applied to this. ANSWER=species
CE300: The mass extinction occurring today differs from those that occurred in the past
because of this. ANSWER=caused by one species (humans)
CE400: This typically follows a mass extinction. ANSWER=rapid evolution of one species
CE500: In today’s pattern of extinction, the generation of new species is unlikely
because of this. ANSWER=Entire ecosystems are being destroyed
BB100: Wild plants are useful in agriculture because of this. ANSWER=genetic diversity
BB200: This is the definition of biodiversity. ANSWER=variety of species in an ecosystem
BB300: These are two direct benefits of biodiversity for humans. ANSWER=chemicals for
medicine & genetic diversity of plants
BB400: This plant is used to treat malaria. ANSWER=quinine (chinchona)
BB500: This is currently being done to save the genetic material of wild crop ancestors.
ANSWER=collecting and storing seeds in gene banks
HB100: During the last 150 years, the level of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere
has __________. ANSWER=increased
HB200: Exposure to noise pollution over an extended period of time can cause people
to suffer from this. ANSWER=stress
HB300: This is natural way of controlling air pollution. ANSWER=rain and plants
HB400: This pollutant is radioactive and enters your home through the basement.
HB500: These are tiny solids suspended in the air. ANSWER= particulates
ES100: This is when the Endangered Species Act was passed. ANSWER=1973
ES200: The Endangered Species Act not only protects the species, but also this.
ANSWER=species’ habitat
ES300: This is one of the flaws of the Endangered Species Act. ANSWER=it is very hard
to get on the list
ES400: A successful reintroduction of native species is not always successful because of
this. ANSWER=too much competition with alien species and disease
ES500: This was the first animal to be put on endangered species list because of global
warming. ANSWER=polar bears
OE100: This plant is used to treat heart disease. ANSWER=digitalis (foxglove)
OE200: This is how much of the world’s rainforests have been destroyed in the last 150
years. ANSWER=1/2
OE300: The single greatest threat to the preservation of natural habitats is this.
ANSWER=human population growth
OE400: This is what all the forces that lead to rain forest destruction stem from.
ANSWER=rainforests are in developing countries
OE500: These are the 2 main causes for deforestation. ANSWER=human population
growth & demand for resources