Biological Diversity – Concept Review

Biological Diversity – Concept Review
The following is a review for the Biodiversity test. You should know the
meaning of each of the vocabulary terms shown below. You should also
prepare answers to the questions that follow. Several of these questions will
appear on the test.
Vocabulary: biodiversity, species richness, genetic diversity, ecosystem
diversity, ecosystem services, extinction, mass extinction, background extinction,
endangered species, threatened species, Habitat fragmentation, biotic pollution,
invasive species, Bellwether species (Early warning), endangered species act
Essential Questions:
1. Distinguish between biodiversity, species richness, genetic diversity, and
ecosystem diversity.
2. Describe several ecosystem services provided by biological diversity.
3. What is the difference between an endangered species and a threatened
4. Describe at least 4 characteristics common to many endangered species
5. Describe 4 major human causes of species endangerment and extinction.
6. Describe the reasons that an invasive species can have a negative effect on
7. Explain why preserving biodiversity is important for human health.
8. What is the U.S. law that regulates endangered species? Describe the basic
components of the law. Who administers the law? How are species
classified? How are species covered by the law regulated? What is the
ultimate goal of the law?