Welcome to Visitor Crib


Welcome to Visitor Crib!

Here is a summary of the number of guests each member has brought for the last 6 months:

Desiree 18

Julien 11

Melissa 9

Michelle 9

Glen 7

Kristian 6

Anne 4

Stav 3

Chris 3 (since Aug 17)

Brad 2

Candice 2

Sally 1

Edward 0

Joehel 0

Brian 0

This is a total of 75 guests in the last 6 months or an average of 5.35 guests per member. If every member who was below 6 guests total (including myself!) had had one guest per month, our total number of guests would have been 114! Now I am not a math whiz but I am pretty sure that means an exponential amount of extra business opportunities and connections.

Visitor Cribbage is a fun way to get us back into the habit of looking out for potential guests. We have divided the chapter into 4 teams:

Desiree, Joehel, Brian,

Glen, Brad, Melissa, Sally

Chris, Kristian, Anne, Stav

Edward, Julien , Candice, Michelle

Here is how to score points:

1 point for a guest

Bonus points:

2 points for a top ten guest

2 points for a guest who would be on your powerteam

8 points for a run of 3 (3 guests at one meeting)

10 points for a run of 4 (4 guests at one meeting)

29 points if your guest becomes a member

Our top ten list for this contest is:

Health & Wellness:

RMT, Fitness Trainer, Physiotherapist

Financial: Credit Counselor,

General Insurance Agent


Printer, Trade Exchange


Event Planner, Travel Agent


Carpet Cleaner, Moving Company

The contest runs from Jan 4 - Mar 22 and the winners will be announced March 29th.

There will be team prizes as well as one for the individual with the highest points. If anyone has ideas or sponsors for prizes, please let me know. I will keep a running tally on points and update you.