Week 14 Quiz

Week 14 Quiz
1. Salinity is the total amount of ____________ material in water. This includes
both solids and gasses.
2. Salinity is expressed in _______________. The average salinity of the ocean is
35 ppt. This is equal to ______________ percent.
3. Salinity varies from________________, which means very salty, to
__________________ which means a mix of freshwater and saltwater.
4. Give an example of a body of water that is very salty and an example of a body of
water that is somewhat salty.
5. True or False. Seawater is not good to drink in large quantities because it will
dehydrate you.
6. Name one way to determine salinity.
7. How many protons are in an atom of oxygen (O)?
8. How many electrons are in an atom of sodium (Na)?
9. How many neutrons are in gold (Au)?
10. Draw the compound salt.