Salinity Experiment Reporting Template

Thinking with Data: Science Part 4
Team Members:
Salinity Experiment Lab Report Outline
I. Purpose/Problem
In your own words: What is the objective of the experiment?
II. Question/Variables
What is your question?
What is the independent variable?
How is it varied?
What is the dependent variable?
How will you measure it?
What variable(s) did you control?
How did you accomplish this?
III. Materials
IV. Procedures
Tell exactly how to set-up and maintain your experiment. (Be sure to include such things
as: number of seeds in a pellet, location of pots, type of water used, how often watered,
Part 4: Effects of Water Salinity on Plants
Thinking with Data: Science Part 4
V. Data
Collect data on Experiment document. Enter in to Salinity Experiment Reporting
VI. Analysis (Graph)
Create 3 visual representations (graphs) of your collected data. Use Excel to create
graphs for the number of sprouts and the total height. For your third, unique
measurement, create a visual representation on chart paper.
VII. Conclusions
Describe any parts of the data that supported your hypothesis and did not support your
Explain how salinity effected plant growth using evidence from your experiment.
Part 4: Effects of Water Salinity on Plants