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4-H Awesome Afterschool Pre-test
Circle the letter of the best answer
1. What does the word salinity mean?
a. Salinity is a measurement of how salty water is
b. Salinity is a measurement of the weight of dissolved minerals in water
c. Salinity refers to the density of water
d. B and C
2. How much diluted gold is in the oceans of our world?
a. 1 ton
b. 5 tons
c. 10 tons
d. 50 tons
Place a “T” if the statement is True, or an “F” is the statement is false.
3. ____ The ocean is salty because marine animals excrete salt as waste
4. ____ Warm water is lighter than cold water
5. ____ Fresh water is heavier than salt water
Environmental Education- Salt Water and the Ocean Around Us
6-8th Grade