Names 1. Title-Ocean Water Properties Lab

1. Title-Ocean Water Properties Lab
2. Purpose-The purpose of this experiment is to explore the physical properties of Ocean
1. What is the density of salt water?
2. What is the density of freshwater?
3. What is the difference between water of high salinity (very salty) and low salinity (not
very salty)?
4. What effect does density have on water currents?
5. What is the density of a carrot/potato?
3. Hypothesis (predictions)
-I predict that the density salt water is…
-I predict that density of freshwater is…
-I predict that the density of the potato/carrot is…
-I predict that density effects water currents…(how?)
4. Procedure
1. Obtain materials
2. Tare scale
3. Write the rest of your procedures here!
5. Data Table
(determined using
salt water)
Mass (g)
Volume (mL)
= Density (g/mL)
Ocean Water
(from Venice
Observations on density:
Observations on colored ice cube (relate to density and temperature):
6. Results (graph here) Click on insert, picture, and chart. Format the cells to reflect the
density data.
7. Conclusion-FOLLOW THE RERUN FORMAT and address all 5 questions! Do not
forget to post your conclusion on nicenet (each individual) and bring in paper copies (one
for each person) on Monday! Happy Thanksgiving.