A Los Angeles native, Patricia Click began her professional career began at
Southern California Edison in 1974 as a file clerk in the phone center and has remained
with the Company for the past 35 years. Her 35 years with Edison include working in
two business units, Customer Services and Controllers, and gaining the well deserved
recognition for her customer service and communication skills. Patricia, or Pat as her
colleagues know her, is currently the Manager of the Accounts Receivables department.
In addition to her outstanding reputation as a valued Edison employee, Pat is well known
for her mentorship, community service activities and associations, and focus on family.
Throughout her tenure at Edison, Pat has mentored many young professionals,
encouraging them to pursue higher education and job skills development. Pat’s
generosity and efforts toward helping children and young adults supersedes the
workplace as she participates in a number of youth organizations. Her involvement
includes the Boys and Girls Club, Charles R. Drew Medical Center Saturday Science
Program, Five Acres Foster Parenting Organization, Stop the Violence Increase the
Peace Foundation, Youth Motivation Task Force, and the United Negro College Fund
(UNCF). Her profound concern for children has led Pat to offer herself as a foster parent
to more than 25 children ranging from infants to teenagers over the past 10 years. In this,
Pat follows the example of her mother, who adopted both of Pat’s 17 year old brothers
when they were three months old. Pat’s heartfelt commitment to helping others is a
quality frequently recognized and celebrated in the communities she serves.
Integrating her community activism with her professional expertise, Pat is an
active member of the American Association of Blacks and Energy (AABE), a group
committed to addressing and advising energy policies affecting minority communities.
Additionally, she continues to lend her support to the Urban League, the National
Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), Martin Luther King Day
Parade, Minnie Riperton Walk-a-Thon, Southern California Edison Voice, Care Program
and Follow your Heart Day Project, the Disney Food Bank, and the Networkers
Organization at Southern California Edison (member since 1984).
The variety and esteem of Pat’s affiliations demonstrate her emphasis on
education and personal development, service and diversity, and providing a positive
environment for children. So it is quite fitting that Pat steers her life according to Martin
Luther King’s words, “the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments
of comfort and convenience, but where he stands in times of challenge and controversy.”
Pat resides in Southern California; she has two children and seven grand children
– ages 3 to 18. She is currently studying Organizational Management at the University of
La Verne.