July 2014- Click Here - Great Plains Chapter – SHRM


Minutes of July 2014 Board Meeting of Great Plains – SHRM chapter

Present: President Mary Ellen Connolly, Pat Beck, Chad Harwell, Sunny Wiggington, Tasha Fridia, Rebecca Cooper, Taylor Farmer, Jim Foster and Jo Cable Absent: Teresa Conn, Vicki Brown, Krystal Brue and Chris Wike Mary Ellen called meeting to order at 12:10 Pat moved to accept June minutes, seconded by Tasha, motion carried

Old Business

Status of Bylaws approval: Pat has submitted to Sherry Johnson to print Board members recommended budgets: Pat found laptop for $399, Quicken program for $114 and asked to increase budget from $500. Jim moved that we increase Pat's budget by $100, seconded by Sunny, motion carried

New Business New Legislative Chairperson

Chad Harwell was happily welcomed to board, Chad is a recent graduate of OSU with a management degree and an HR minor. He was recently employed by Simmons Center in Duncan as Recreational Coordinator and Facilities Manager

Membership Initiatives for Award Level

A. Marketing Project with College Students One of the students contacted Mary to discuss needs of chapter, Mary Ellen will give the student Sunny's contact info as follow up. Pat will contact Krystal to discuss strategy to better involve students in our chapter, Krystal will help them find accurate information and invite to chapter meetings. Pat suggested we possibly target October event as a recruiting tool. Sunny mentioned her plans to use the SHRM Toolkit to further recruitment. B. Other Pat said there will be tutorial in January regarding National SHRM requirements to maintain certification status. She mentioned the tutorial could serve as second marketing initiative required by National. Did OESC ontact Taylor expecting a request to participate on Employer's Council board, more as a SHRM laison. It's hoped his role will be limited as private employers should take a bigger share of responsibility role in the council. Taylor's involvement would still be an effective marketing initiative. Sunny asked to provide feedback at a later time.

SHRM Meeting reminders


Jo and Pat said we need to change subject line of the Constant Comment invitations since responses are slow perhaps quickly deleted. Debbie sends CC invitation about two weeks in advance. Jo will send out reminders to register on Thursdays 13 days before meeting, then follow up on Thursday 6 days before meeting. Mary Ellen will ask attending members at next meeting for suggestions.

Lunch fees for non-members

Subject reviewed again, last decision was to charge $20 for non-members. Concern for guests of members having to pay $20. Discussion involved whether fee should be charged, amount to charged and whether fees to non-members is a disincentive attend or for members to bring guests. Or to limit the number of guests a member can bring without paying. Jim mentioned that most folks don’t expect something for nothing. Lunch sponsors and program moderators want as many attending as possible. It was suggested the fee would be an incentive to join, $50 member dues would give them lunch for the year. Motion was made by Pat that members will be limited to two guests. Motion did not carry for lack of votes. It was agreed to table issue until August meeting.


Treasurer's report - $8,975 in the bank, all debts paid Membership – Sunny said we have 3 new members Program - Speakers scheduled for next 5 months except October Luncheon – No report, Chick-fil-a scheduled for July Legislative – No report Certification – Rebecca reported revised credentials, Certified -Professional and Senior Certified Professional to replace PHR and SPHR. As mentioned under New Business – Other, Pat said tutorial will be held at GP Tech in January 2015 to re-certify to new designations, no new tests will be required and re certification should be a simple process. Web – No new jobs on web, received a request to archive past board meetings Workforce Readiness – No report College Relations – No report Diversity – No report Media Relations - July meeting info will appear in July 6th edition of Lawton Constitution in Business section Jim moved to adjourn, Jo seconded and motion carried.