March 1 2014
Ski Trip
Important Information
February 28, 2014
Dear Student and Parent:
This letter is to inform you of the procedure for the ski trip to Pat’s Peak in Henniker, NH this Saturday.
We will be leaving East Middle School at 7:00AM sharp on Saturday. The bus ride will be approximately an hour
and a half to two hours. The buses will leave Pat’s Peak at 3:45PM. This will get us back to East at approximately
5:30PM. All rides should meet the students in the front parking lot of East at 5:30PM.
Saturday’s weather forecast as of 8:00am, Friday, February 28, 2014
Partly Cloudy, High of 32’s
Please dress accordingly.
Wear or bring sunscreen:
Dress in layers so you can adjust for varying weather conditions. Include
a complete change of clothing for the ride home. Pat’s Peak also recommends bringing extra pairs of warm
socks, although you should only wear one pair of warm socks at a time.
Please remember, if the sun does shine, it will reflect off the snow, and
the danger of being sunburned is real.
Epi-Pens and Inhalers:
Students are responsible for their own lunch.
If your student has an allergy that requires an Epi-Pen, please be sure
to send it with the student. If your student suffers from Asthma, please be sure to send the appropriate inhaler.
School chaperones will not be carrying extra Epi-Pens or inhalers with them.
Food on the mountain is expensive-it is a
good idea to pack a good lunch and bring it along with you.
Cell phones/ i products/etc.:
Emergency cancellations happen. If on Saturday morning your child is unable to attend, please do NOT call
the school.
No one will be available to answer the call.
Please email Ms. O’Dowd at
[email protected]
Students are responsible for all items they bring to the mountain. If
your student is afraid of losing something, then maybe it should stay home.
We are looking forward to a fun day on the mountain!
Ms. O’Dowd
and Ms. Stevenson
Approximate Itinerary
Buses Arrive At East Middle School
Leave East
Arrive Pat’s Peak
Lifts open
Snow Tube Park opens
Leave Pat’s Peak
Arrive East Middle School