Possible Outline for Ethnography

Pirkle—ENG 1302
Possible Outline for Ethnography
1) Introduction
a) Your fixed and subjective position as it connects to why you chose your site (may
include anecdote)
b) Your assumptions
c) Research questions
2) Background “facts” on your general topic and particular site (outside research)
3) Your visual walkthrough (WA 3)
4) Literacy at your site (WA 1)
a) Your ethical research guidelines (WA 2)
b) Your method of observation/interview (parts of WA 1 & WA 2 in past tense)
c) Your results (field notes & interviews)
5) Conclusion
a) What surprised, intrigued, disturbed you (in class writing assignment)
b) What you learned overall
c) What you might pursue in the future