Dear elected officials,
As you are well aware, a massive storm has run through our local community. State meteorologists
and federal officials have declared our community a disaster area and are warning of more storms to
come in the future. Although federal grant money will help residents rebuild local homes and
businesses, new concerns have arisen about the local energy projects.
For example, local studies indicate that wind farms would need costly repairs after a major storm.
This would take money away from local residents and their homes. In addition, flooding created
frightening prospects for the oil pipeline which may sink or become unstable in certain areas. Acidic
precipitation could erode the pipeline and create leaks. Flooding could also create a dangerous hazard
for the power line being placed near the coastline. Repairs to this power line would be costly. Finally,
any towers erected on the coast would be completely destroyed by storms and would have to be
Please indicate what recommendations you are making with regards to future energy projects in light
of these new circumstances. Provide new reasons and data for supporting your idea or following a new
plan of action.
Stormed In