By Prophetess Janice Fountaine
Occasionally, during the day, you may find yourself gazing around, wondering if there is going to
be a storm, or if the weather will be a more comfortable for you. You want it to be normal
because you are prepared. You have listened to the weather report and worn the proper clothes
for the day. But you are still gazing. You know it is not storm season; yet, there is something in
the atmosphere that makes you wonder if there is going to be a storm anyway.
Suddenly the rain starts pouring, the lightening begins to flash and your sunny and bright day
has now become cloudy. You ask, what happened to the weather report? What happened to the
seasons characteristics? How is it that you find yourself, in a place of unprepared-ness? It is
inconvenient, uncomfortable and you don’t want to be there.
When you’re in a season of calm and an unexpected storm comes and beats upon your life with
sickness, distress and uncertainty; be encouraged. Storms awaken you — calm puts you to
sleep. Storms cleanse the atmosphere and give you a clearer view.
As a Christian, you should expect storms to create change in your spiritual atmosphere. Expect
storms to reposition you. Remember to trust in the Lord; knowing that they are not designed to
make you uncomfortable, but to bring you into deeper dimensions of God’s abiding love,
provision and resurrection power. See Mark 4:37-40.
Love in Christ,
Prophetess Janice