International Weather Service

Committee: Security Council
Subject: International Weather Service
Sponsor: Japan
The General Assembly,
Deeply Concerned with the inconsistency of weather prediction around the world, resulting in
the deaths of many people that could have been prevented,
Worried that stronger storms will become more frequent in the future,
Noting the past destruction of natural disasters, and the damage it has done to the countries
around the world,
1. Calls upon the creation of the International Weather Service;
2. Calls for the development of a United Nations Trust Fund that encourages voluntary
donation from the private transnational sector to aid in the funding of the International
Weather Service;
3. States the purpose and limits of the International Weather Service;
a. Detects all weather related storms like hurricanes, tornados, blizzards, etcetera;
b. Warnings Issued by the International Weather Service Override warnings given
by local or national weather services;
c. Sends out aid to countries hit by a storm which is considered malicious enough;
i. The aid is taken from the trust fund;
4. Calls upon the creation of a ten person team, called the International Weather Service
Committee (further referred to as the IWSC), to vote on whether storms are malicious
enough to give aid out to the countries affected, and hire workers to work for the
International Weather Service;
a. The ten person team are appointed by delegations in the security council, and
voted on;
b. The ten person team changes every half-decade to ensure stability and noncorruption;
5. Calls upon the creation of the International Weather Code, which states all of the
regulations local weather services have to follow which include the following;
a. Each country with more than 50 million citizens must have a International
Weather Service Base in their country;
b. If a country doesn’t have more than 50 million citizens or insufficient funds to
pay for the base it can share the next closest countries base;
c. In order to work at an International Weather Service Base you have to have at
least a master’s degree and be approved by the IWSC;
d. The guidelines for determining a storm to be classified a s malicious are the
i. If it is a hurricane, and makes landfall at a category five the affected
countries will get 10% of the total destruction caused by the storm;
ii. If the hurricane is a category 4 or caused more than $1billion in damage,
the IWSC will vote to determine what percent, if any, the countries
affected will get;
6. Declares that if a violation has been found on any circumstance a fine will be issued;
a. The amount of the fine will be determined by the IWSC based on the intensity of
the storm based on the International Weather Code.