Memo to Council re Flooding and Water Safety April 11-14

To / Destinataire
Mayor and Members of Council
From / Expéditeur
Deputy City Manager,
City Operations
Subject / Objet
Flooding and Water Safety
File/N° de fichier:
Date: April 11, 2014
With weather forecasts predicting more rainfall this weekend, I wanted to update you on the
precautionary measures the City is taking to reduce the effects of potential flooding.
The City is working closely with the conservation authorities in our area to monitor and prepare
for potential flooding. The Rideau Valley Conservation Authority has issued a flooding warning
ahead of the potential for additional rainfall this weekend.
Residents are asked to call 3-1-1- if they see water levels rising in their area.
Residents can find information on protecting their homes, including locations in areas at risk
where residents can get sand and bags on
With the elevated flood risk, residents are asked to keep children and pets away from open water
and ice. Residents should also keep children stay away from City wading pools, especially near
the Rideau River. These pools cannot be drained and may have several feet of water in them and
pose a safety hazard.
The City is also working to repair several culverts in rural areas of the City and will be issuing
PSAs to update residents on any impacts due to the work. Traffic operations staff are directing
traffic in the affected areas, and crews are working to repair any affected culverts as quickly as
We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updated information to residents on and on Twitter as necessary.
Original signed by:
Steve Kanellakos
Executive Committee
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