Public Speaking Pronunciation Improvement Project You will be

Public Speaking
Pronunciation Improvement Project
You will be expected to:
 Work on your pronunciation independently and keep a record of your work.
 Complete at least 4 hours of study by no later than week 10.
 Provide evidence of these sessions by documenting your work in a log.
o If you choose #1, you should be able to ‘print-out’ a record of your session
for any software you use. You may have to follow the instructions and sign in
as a ‘user’ to certain programs to create a record of your sessions. You ALSO
need to keep a log of your time and what you worked on.
o If you choose #2, keep any notes from your work AND record your work in
the log.
o If you choose #3, use the log to describe your work AND have your tutor sign
your log to confirm your work.
 Turn in your study evidence and log to the instructor no later than the last class
(March 14).
Choices for completing the assignment:
Note: You may choose one of the following or do a combination.
1. Work on software in the Learning Center (remember to print a record of each session).
The IELP Learning Center provides detailed instructions for these programs if you need
a. Speech Sounds is a program that helps students work on sounds that are difficult
for their particular language group. This program features words that appear on
the Academic Word List (AWL), and may be a better choice than Pronunciation
Power 2 for students who will be attending PSU classes.
b. Pronunciation Power 2 is a program that helps students hear sounds and English
and shows you video imaging of your voice in comparison to a native speaker.
There is a variety of vocabulary to work on.
2. Use Learner Web to work on your pronunciation skills. Learner Web is a website that
you can access from anywhere 24 hours a day. You will need access to the Internet, a
username and a password in order to access it.
a. Link:
b. Your username and password (the same):
User Name: odin name_learner
Password: odin name_learner
3. Tutoring is available through a sign-up sheet at the Learning Center. The IELP-LC
employs tutors who can help you with a variety of language learning strategies and
goals. Remember, you are allowed 1 hour total of tutoring per week at the LC. Be
aware that tutoring times fill up towards the end of the term. If you need to cancel your
time, please let the LC know as soon as possible. It’s recommended that you go to the
tutoring session with some specific sounds, words or reading passages that cause you
trouble. This helps the tutor understand how to help you best.