Flowchart - pregnancy and maternity (students)


Issues to consider when a student notifies a member of staff of pregnancy. Chart to be used in conjunction with the Policy and Guidance on Support for Students during Pregnancy, Paternity or Adoption

Student* meets with a member of staff to discuss pregnancy

Student and staff work together, using the associated guidance for further information, to discuss implications for programme of study and to identify support for more personal concerns.

International Students will need to contact the International Office to consider visa, financial and travel implications.

*refers to undergraduate, post graduate (taught and research).

Issues to Consider


1. Are contact details up to date?

2. Is a Health and Safety

Risk Assessment needed?

3. Will there be pregnancy related absences such as antenatal appointments?

4. Will there be clashes with Assessments/


5. Are there any work placements involved in the course?

6. How much time off will be taken after the birth?

7. Are there personal concerns?

8. What will be the financial implications?

9. Are there concerns over


10. International student?

Sources of support/ relevant policies:

Student to check that Student Information Management

System (SIMS) is up to date.

Member of staff to contact Student Occupational Health to check requirements and to request a Pregnancy risk assessment appointment if needed.

Staff and students to consider Absences and Interruption to

Study Policy.

If pregnancy related issues impact unexpectedly on assessments or examination student to consider the

Extenuating Circumstances Policy.

Student to inform the host organisation of the pregnancy as a risk assessment will need to be considered.

Student to consider Absences and interruption to Study

Policy. Postgraduate taught and research students may also need to consult the Extension to Time Limit Procedure.

Student to also consider childcare, and staff and student to consider requirements for breastfeeding.

Students can seek advice from Student Services and the

Student Counselling and Wellbeing Service.

Students will need to inform their funding body. Further advice from the Advice and Money Team at Student Services.

Funded Postgraduate taught and research students will need to contact funding body such as a Research Council.

Student to contact the Accommodation Office if student is in

University Accommodation.