Unit 12- Pregnancy, Growth, and Development

Learning Targets Anatomy
Pregnancy, Growth, &
Pregnancy, Growth, & Development
Learning Targets
23.1 Introduction
I can Distinguish between growth and development.
I can Distinguish between prenatal and postnatal.
23.2 Pregnancy
I can Describe fertilization.
23.3 Prenatal Period
I can List and provide details of the major events of cleavage.
I can Describe implantation.
I can Discuss the hormonal and other changes in the maternal body during pregnancy.
I can Explain how the primary germ layers originate, and list the structures each layer produces.
I can Describe the major events of the embryonic stage of development.
I can Describe the formation and function of the placenta.
I can Define fetus, and describe the major events of the fetal stage of development.
I can Trace the path of blood through the fetal cardiovascular system.
I can Explain the role of hormones in the birth process and milk production.
23.4 Postnatal Period
I can Name the postnatal stages of development of a human, and indicate the general characteristics of each
I can Describe the major cardiovascular and physiological adjustments in the newborn.
23.5 Aging
I can Distinguish between passive and active aging.
I can Contrast life span and life expectancy.