Template for panelists to prepare their manuscripts

Delivery of primary health care in
<name of country>
Plenary panel session, WONCA <name of region> Meeting, <name of location>,
<Name of panellist, qualifications, affiliations, contact details including email>
Material to be referenced for example from country’s census or national statistical
databases, peer-reviewed papers etc. Use Vancouver-style reference system with
superscript number immediately following punctuation. Do not use Microsoft word
footnote/endnote feature for entering references.
Ideally 2000 words, maximum 2500.
Basic demographics:
 Population
 Distribution (eg urban / rural / remote)
 Socioeconomic breakdown
 Ethnic groups
 Other relevant characteristics eg religions
Health system design
• Funding – state, public
• Secondary care
• Health insurance available? Who would get? insurance available - offers
choice of specialist & hospital care eg elective surgery
• Primary care
• Medicines & investigations
• Etc
How primary care is delivered in <country> - model(s) of care
Access to primary health care in <country>
How universal is it?
What are the inequities?
Who pays?
Benefits and drawbacks of health care system
Positive aspects to PHC system, enablers of care
Negative aspects PHC system – barriers to care
Current challenges faced by the healthcare system in <country>
Impact of system on care
Impact of PHC system on patient care / population health
Growing health care burden in <country>
Identify the major health care burden that this country is facing:May be non-communicable eg multi-morbidity eg diabetes / obesity / CVD / CORD
May be communicable eg HIV / AIDS
Ways in which healthcare system supports or impede the capacity to provide
appropriate medical services for growing health burden that is also person-andcommunity oriented.
Lessons for other countries
Summary of what works well and does not work well in PHC in this country.