Care Coordination Programs

Growing Together Perinatal Program
PHC offers clinical support services to pregnant individuals in collaboration with prenatal care providers and
other case managers. Provider support and consultation services are available on difficult cases. The PHC staff
is an excellent resource to community based services. Member Education is distributed assisting pregnant
members to enter care within the first trimester with the use of incentives for attending prenatal visits.
Additional assistance is given on an as needed basis for transportation to prenatal and postpartum visits, focused
health education, access to childbirth education classes and assistance with breastfeeding. The team includes a
certified lactation consultant.
Medical/Complex Case Management
PHC offers individual case management in collaboration with physicians and other case managers and
community resources for members that are challenged by their treatment plan and or need assistance accessing
care. Additionally, there is a complex case management team to target a selected high risk population.
PHC is the liaison to California Children’s Services (CCS). A medical program for treating California residents
under age 21 with special needs conditions who meet medical and financial eligibility. Conditions as, but not
limited to, cystic fibrosis, hemophilia, cerebral palsy, heart disease, cancer and traumatic injuries are covered by
PHC administers EPSDT Supplemental Services for our members. These are medical, dental and or mental
health services deemed to correct or ameliorate their conditions for a person under age 21 that exceed the scope
of benefits available to the general Medi-Cal population.
Diseases Case Management
PHC offers Disease Specific Programs thru Life Masters for Diabetes and Congestive Heart Failure (CHF).
Additionally, Coronary Artery Disease and COPD programs are also offered to the Partnership Advantage
membership. Renaissance for End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD). These both are voluntary programs with
companies that specialize in the provision of Disease Management Services to improve health outcomes for
chronic health conditions. Asthma case management is administered by the PHC Health Educator with the
additional component of provider office based training. The programs are designed to improve the participants
health out comes through the provision of coaching, behavioral change support and providing practitioners realtime clinical information to help reduce hospital and emergency room admissions.
Contact the PHC Care Coordination Program at (707) 863-4276 or 1 (800) 809-1350
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