Primary Health Care Aim- to suggest strategies for improving health

Primary Health Care
Aim- to suggest strategies for improving health care and
control of disease in LEDC(s).
• Throughout the developing world,
governments are unable to afford the
elaborate health care systems found in the
west. In an effort to improve the health the
health of their citizens they have adopted
a number of strategies classified as
primary health care.
PHC-Strategy for improving Water
and Sanitation
Low cost ventilated toilet
This ventilated toilet is
cheap to build, does
not use precious
water and prevents
flies from spreading
In addition sewage
will not leak into
drinking water
Example of a primary healthcare model
Primary Health care tasks
Resource: pp22-24 of D+H textbook
• What is the role of primary Healthcare?
• For a range of countries give examples of
how PHC programmes are implemented?
• What are the advantages and
disadvantages of these PHC
programmes? (give named examples)
Primary Health Care Challenge
• You have to produce an A3 poster, which is colourful and
informative and easy to understand.
• Your poster must include the following;
• Information on what are the 8 strands of PHC, with a
short description of each.
• For at least 4 strands give an example of how that strand
can be implemented.
• Resources
• PHC information sheet
• Surviving childhood information sheet
• Keeping our water clean information sheet