Year 3 Autumn Term Homework Learning Journal Grid Topic

Year 3
Autumn Term Homework Learning Journal Grid
Topic: Prehistoric Britain
We will continue with our Reading Project
for the next 6 weeks. Take time to read
for 15 minutes a day with an adult and
don’t forget to write in your folder.
See homework maths sheets
See spelling books
Be Active & Healthy
Be a researcher
Big Writing Talk Homework
(10-15 mins or more)
Be active and healthy in and out of
school. Write about it or take a photo
for your learning journal.
Be responsible
Do some research about our Prehistoric
Britain topic. See if you can find some
information that you can share with the
Have a discussion with your parent or
carer about the topic for Big Writing.
Think of what you could write to achieve
all three of your targets.
Be Relaxed
Be an artist
Sit and listen to a piece of music, what is
the piece of music, what do you think it is
Can you draw and label any of the
artefacts that we have talked about or
that you have researched from
stone/iron/bronze age?
Be healthy
Be a scientist
Eat breakfast every day
Make your heart race 3 times a day
Eat 5 pieces of fruit or vegetables a day.
Write a ‘Wanted’ poster about a rock.
Imagine the rock is someone on the run –
give all the information you know about
the rock – all its features and where it
might be found.
Practice your multiplications for the
weekly times tables in Big Maths. Can you
get your Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum
certificate soon?
Take responsibility by organising your
homework bag.
Do the washing at home.
Feed your pet if you have one.