Class 3 Curriculum - Autumn Term 2015

Class 3 Curriculum - Autumn Term 2015
Welcome back! I hope you all had an enjoyable summer and are feeling rested
and ready for the autumn term. Outlined below are the topics your child(ren)
will be learning about between now and Christmas. As ever, should you have any
questions about your child’s learning, please feel free to come and speak to me
at any time.
Miss Cannon 
In literacy, we will be covering: short stories; historical and traditional tales;
Michael Morpurgo; recounts; instructions and explanations; poetry.
Spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPAG) will be taught alongside these
topics, with 2 discrete sessions each week.
Your child will have two 30 minute guided reading sessions
each week, and a reading comprehension lesson.
In addition to this, an adult in class will read with your
child 1 to 1 at least once a week.
In maths we will be covering a number of topics across both year
groups, including:
 Year 5 – developing and securing written and mental methods for all four
operations; converting 12 to 24 hour clock; ordering fractions and finding
equivalents; measuring and drawing angles
 Year 6 – securing and enhancing written and mental methods for all four
operations; working with larger numbers; calculating with decimals and
fractions; converting measurements; negative numbers; calculation area,
perimeter and volume; finding missing angles
In Science, we will be learning about living things, habitats and life
cycles in the first half term, and properties and changes of materials in
the second. Alongside these topics, your child will also be developing age
appropriate scientific investigation skills.
We will continue to follow the Suffolk County Council scheme for RE,
and this term will be looking at Christian beliefs in action through
’God’s Kingdom’. The first half term will also have a strong focus on
Harvest Festival.
History/Geography Topic
Our History/Geography topic this term will be Prehistoric Britain,
i.e. the stone, bronze and iron ages.
Later this month, we will be visiting Grime’s Graves, the prehistoric
mine near Thetford to enrich the learning in this topic. Please see
the separate letter for more information.
PE will be on Thursday and Friday afternoons, so your child will need to bring in
their kit on both of these days. We will have two sessions a week: one indoors
and one outdoors. Mr Cutts, our Premier Sports coach will teach the Friday
lesson. We hope to be outside most weeks, so your child will need comfortable
trainers and a warm jumper/gloves, especially in the second half term.
Girls will also need to remember socks (for hygiene reasons, we do
not allow them to wear tights under their jogging bottoms), a hair
band and must take their earrings out. If they are unable to do
this by themselves, they should come to school without them in.
Other subject areas
In DT, we will be making cushions for the new school library. If you are able to
use a sewing machine and think you would be available for a morning/afternoon
in the week before October half term to lend a hand, please speak to me.
In computing, your child will learn coding and programming skills.
In art, we will cover a range of techniques throughout the year from sketching and
painting to collage, textiles and 3D work. Your child will also be learning about
specific artists and some art history.
Music will be delivered by Ms Webber on a Tuesday afternoon. Children learning the
cornet and/or recorder will continue to do so during Monday and Tuesday lunch
times respectively.
French will continue to be taught by Miss Briley on a weekly basis.
Are you ever free in the afternoon (or a
Thursday morning) for an hour?
In class 3 we are always looking for extra
reading volunteers, so if you think you could
commit to regularly reading with us, we
would be really grateful. Please speak to me
or Mrs Tricker.