SCHOOL POLICY - environmental [DOCX 39.77KB]

School Environmental Policy
The School supports energy conservation and the consideration of the environmental
impact of its activities in accordance with the University’s Environmental Policy.
1. School Representatives
The School will have an Environmental Representative. See the School web site for
the name of the current post-holder. Their role is to keep up-to-date with Universitylevel plans and communicate environmental issues within the School. The
Environmental Representative will keep abreast of developments via the University
Energy & Environment web pages, and liaise with the Energy & Environment
Manager (Estates & FM) as appropriate. They will be part of the Social Sciences
Environmental Group.
2. Energy conservation
The University has a substantial carbon footprint, and has a significant challenge to
reduce absolute carbon emissions in line with Government targets. The School will
encourage staff to turn off computers, printers, photocopiers, lights, heating, fans and
other equipment when rooms are unoccupied.
3. Recycling
The School encourages the recycling of paper, cardboard, glass, plastics and other
material where possible. Paper recycling bins are on most floors of the School’s
buildings, and by photocopiers/networked printers. Cardboard and glass recycling
bins are located outside. To further reduce paper waste and energy use, the School
will encourage double-sided printing wherever possible.
4. Travel
UK flights must only be taken by staff when absolutely essential; applications for
funding for travel expenses and research support will be approved on the basis of
train travel (or car if practicable), unless there is an exceptional reason why a flight is
essential, agreed by the Head of School.
Alternatives to flights will be investigated for student study trips whenever practicable.
The School supports any university activity to promote use of public transport or
cycling as an alternative to driving.
5. Discussions within the School
The Environmental policy will be discussed annually at the School Management
Team and the Student Forum.
6. Communication
Environmental information will be published in suitable ways, eg on the School web
pages and School Bulletin.
Agreed at ESW School Management Team 1 December 2010