Wax Museum Biography Report

Biography Novel Study Project
Final Presentation Choices
You will have a choice of presentation formats for your Biography Novel
Study Report.
1. Be the Biography! ~ Dress up as your character and present a
speech to the audience in 1st person.
2. Photo Story or Movie Maker ~ Create a Photo Story or use Movie
Maker to create a presentation about your character to share with the
3. Power Point/Google Slides ~ Design a Power Point or Google
Slides slideshow about your character and present the slideshow with a
speech explaining each slide.
Extra Credit Opportunities:
a. Produce a Brochure or Program about your character for the
b. Dress up as your character while presenting your Photo Story
or Power Point.
c. Construct a "Life Collage" of photographs and headlines
highlighting your character's life.
d. Create a biography Comic Strip about your character;
including a minimum of eight colored boxes with captions.