Biography Grading Rubric STUDENT (new window)

Biography Assignment
The purpose of the official military Biography is to inform the reader about your military duties,
military and educational history, and professional military accomplishments.
Following the guidelines in AFH 33-337, The Tongue and Quill, draft an electronic version of
your official Air Force biography. You may also use the student template as a guide.
Assignment Requirements: (more specific than what is outlined in AFH 33-337)
1. Narrative may consist of two or three paragraphs.
2. Use only military experience within narrative. (Exception: Guard/Reserve Components
may use third paragraph for current civilian employment.)
3. Do not list professional memberships and associations.
4. Do not list authored publications.
** The official Air Force head shot photo is preferred for all official biographies. However, due
to limitations on providing photo services, any form of your head shot in any military uniform
combination with a background setting is acceptable.
Grading Rubric (Go/No-Go) = Must meet 3/4 objectives.
 Does the document follow the proper guidelines in AFH 33-337 and Assignment
 Does the document have a current photo?
 Does the assignments section reflect permanent duty stations, deployments and the
highest position held at each?
 Was the biography effectively formatted and organized?