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Biography Book Report
Dress Up Day
Due Monday, May 4th
**Early Bird Points will be given if it is presented on Friday, May 1st
Biography SHOWCASE – This is an opportunity to present to your friends and family
Thursday, May 7th at 6:00 PM in your Homeroom Class
Imagine that the person you read about walked into your classroom and introduced him or herself. What would he
or she say? How would the person talk, act, and dress? For this project, you will prepare a short presentation as if you
are the subject of your biography.
 Clothing that the subject of the book might have worn (or drawing materials to illustrate this)
 Any props that might enhance your presentation
 Power Point Presentation of at least 5 slides
1. Find a biography that interests you and is on a reading level within your reading range.
2. Take notes on the subject of your book. Include information about the following:
a. family
b. hometown
c. date of birth (and death, if applicable)
d. personality and character traits
e. important accomplishments
f. goals
g. obstacles
h. major events in the person’s life
i. contributions to society
3. Create a five slide Power Point presentation and a monologue that you will present to the class. Write as if
you are the person talking about him or her-for example, “I was born in 1877.” The Power Point slide might
have a picture of this person along with his / her birth and death date. Incorporate the information from
your notes.
4. Read your monologue aloud and then revise it. Time yourself presenting your speech and make sure it takes
about three minutes. Revise if necessary.
5. Practice your speech so that you do not need to read from the Power Point. Your monologue is going to
have more information than what is included on your Power Point. (You may refer to them, but you should
be able to make eye contact for most of your presentation.) Practice speaking and acting as you imagine the
person would have.
6. Find out what the person looked like and how he or she dressed. On the day of your presentation, you will
either dress in a costume to look like the person or bring in a poster-size, colorful picture of him or her that
you’ve drawn or printed.
Power Point Presentation:
You can create this at home or at school. Your Power Point must have at least 5 slides. You will want to include:
1. Birthdate and Death date – place of birth and picture
2. Early Life – what was his / her family like? Was he / she poor or rich?
3. Accomplishments – why is this person interesting?
4. Interesting Facts? What makes this person interesting to read about?
5. Opinion statement supported by facts, “I think that _____ was _______ because_______.”
My Biography will be about __________________________________________ Ms. Craig approval ________
Biography Book Report
Due Monday, May 4th
**Early Bird Points will be given if it is presented on Friday, May 1st
This is an opportunity to present to your friends and family
Thursday, May 7th at 6:00 PM in your Homeroom Class
A light snack of Cookies and Punch will be served for all friends and family
Possible Points
Did you dress up as the person your biography was about or did you have a large
illustration of him/her?
Was your monologue 2-3 minutes long?
Did you have at least 5 slides in your Power Point?
Did your Power Point have the required information?
1. Birthdate and Death date
2. Early Life
3. Accomplishments
4. Interesting Facts
5. Opinion statement supported by facts
Did you speak articulately and audibly before your classmates?
Did you deliver an informative presentation making eye contact throughout most of
your presentation?
Did you create a reference documentation page?
Were you prepared on Friday for “Early Bird” points
Did you present at the Biography Showcase on February 27th
Total Points
Notes for Biography Book Report
Due March 27th
2. Hometown
3. Date of birth (and death, if applicable)
4. Personality and characteristics
5. Important accomplishments
6. Goals
7. Obstacles
8. Major event’s in the person’s life
9. Contributions to society