Chapter Fourteen Self-test Take the following self


Chapter Fourteen Self-test

Take the following self-test as many times as needed to master chapter content. Included page numbers will enable you to check your responses. 1) Although the population of Texas increased more than any of state between 2000 and 2011, the state’s economy increasingly mirrored that of the nation including a transition to a(n) _____________ economy. a) agricultural b) manufacturing c) industrial d) service Hint: page 441 2) This practice enabled drillers to access hard-to-get deposits in oil and gas fields: a) vertical drilling b) hydraulic fracturing c) surface mining d) exploration Hint: page 443 3) The primary industrial and business development of Texas has occurred in a triangle defined by these cities: a) Dallas, Houston, Austin/San Antonio b) Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton c) El Paso, Midland/Odessa, Austin/San Antonio d) Dallas, Lufkin, Houston Hint: page 444 4) _____________ changed political parties in 1989 and succeeded to the governorship in 1998. a) Kay Bailey Hutchinson b) George W. Bush c) Rick Perry d) Tony Sánchez Hint: page 450 5) In 2003, fifty Democratic members of the Texas House of Representatives secretly fled to Ardmore, Oklahoma, because of this political issue: a) abortion b) education c) redistricting d) taxes Hint: page 451 6) This entertainer campaigned for governor in 2006: a) Willie Nelson b) Chuck Norris

c) Matthew McConaughey d) Richard “Kinky” Friedman Hint: page 452 7) The Tea party emerged as a faction of the _____________ party. a) Republican b) Democratic c) Reform d) Libertarian Hint: page 453 8) In 2009, Governor Perry backed a $600 million program to help Texas _____________ reach “Tier One” status. a) highways b) airports c) universities d) sports teams Hint: page 456 9) Texas tripled the capacity of its _____________ system during the 1990s. a) transportation b) electrical c) education d) prison Hint: page 457 10) Texas relies heavily on this type of tax to generate government revenue: a) sales b) income c) property d) estate Hint: pages 465–466