Oxford Journals

Oxford Journals
1. Is it possible to connect to your institution’s subscriptions on your mobile
Hint: FAQs – bottom right of page (you may need to scroll), Mobile websites
2. How can you see a list of Journals in the Life Sciences?
Hint: Home Page, Journals by subject
3. Which journals have some Open Access articles?
Hint: Home page, Oxford Open, Optional Open Access model
4. Where can you save articles and searches to your own personal archive?
Hint: My Account – top right of page
5. What is the Impact Factor of the journal, Cardiovascular Research?
Hint: Open Cardiovascular Research from list on home page
6. How many articles in the Social Sciences collection contain a reference to
Hint: Advanced Search
7. On behalf of which society does OUP publish Age and Aging?
Hint: Open Age and Aging from list on home page
8. What is the most recent article to mention Fibonacci numbers?
Hint: Quick Search ‘fibonacci’, reorder results for newest (above search
results to the right)
9. How can you be reminded when a new issue of Applied Linguistics is due?
Hint: Go to Applied Linguistics home page, Alerting Services (right column)
10. How can you search for an article using the DOI (digital object identifier)?
Hint: Advanced search
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Last updated 6.1.2014
1. Yes
2. 3. See individual journal pages
4. 5. 5.940 (2013)
6. 227 (January 2014)
7. The British Geriatrics Society
8. November 2013 (search in January 2014)
9. 10. -
Last updated 6.1.2014