Word/Part of speech Definition (clear and concise) Forms of the

Unit 4: September 24, 2012
Word/Part of speech
Pre-quiz: Thursday, 9/27/12 (due to a TEST on Wednesday)
Definition (clear and concise)
Quiz: September 28, 2012
Forms of the same word
and/or Vocab hints
1. descendants
Children, grandchildren, and continuing
descend; descendant;
2. possession
possess; possessive;
3. investigate
Search; look for answers;
investigative; investigator;
4. flashback
When a scene from the past is inserted into
the present sequence of events; a “flash
back” to the past.
5. foreshadowing
When an author uses clues to hint at what
might happen later in the story;
Flashing back to a scene in the
past; think TV show that blurs
into something that happened
in a character’s past
Shadow: gives form/hint +
‘fore’ comes from ‘before’=
A hint before a prediction.