Oxford Reports on International Law

Oxford Reports on International Law
1. How many articles are there in the subject, International Criminal Law?
Hint: Browse by subject, International Criminal Law
2. When Beijing Moon Village sold a piece of land on the moon to an American
individual, which international treaty was used by the Chinese domestic court
to declare this illegal?
Hint: Quick Search ‘Beijing Moon Village’. Look at the Core Issue or
3. In case Breeding (Leslie Lynn) v Texas, Breeding was charged with a
violation of the Texas Penal Code, (United States) for unlawful obstruction of
a highway or passageway. Were the Nuremberg Principles binding in United
States courts?
Hint: Quick search ‘Breeding (Leslie Lynn) v Texas’
4. According to the Analysis in the case report Breeding (Leslie Lynn) v Texas,
can you find any other similar cases addressed in other jurisdictions?
Hint: Quick Search ‘Breeding (Leslie Lynn) v Texas’, Analysis part and use
Oxford Citation pop-up
5. In the case Collins Company Limited v Panamanian Embassy in Taipei,
Taiwan, the plaintiff brought a suit against an ‘embassy’ based on ‘diplomatic
immunity’, is that theory right?
Hint: Quick search the case, read the Analysis part
6. Search any case report related to forests and list the instruments cited in the
Hint: Quick search “forest”
7. Search case reports in the sub-discipline area, cultural heritage.
Hint: Advanced search, subject: “cultural heritage” and select
8. How many reports of cases are there in the jurisdiction of the European Court
of Human Rights?
Hint: Browse all- Narrow your choice by jurisdiction- European Organizations/
9. The Analysis part of case Booth v Bosworth, says that this case was
significant in a domestic context. Why? And could you find any further
analysis on this case?
Hint: Quick search the case and read the Analysis part
10. Yahoo! Inc was a California-based internet services provider and it was sued
by French non-governmental organizations. Who is the reporter of this case?
Hint: Quick search Yahoo
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1. Home page, Browse, International Criminal Law
2. Outer Space Treaty (Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in
the Exploration and Use of Outer Space, including the Moon and Other
Celestial Bodies).
3. No, read the part of Held and paragraph 10 in Decision
4. Ayliffe v Department of Public Prosecutions; Swain v Department of Public
Prosecutions; Percy v Department of Public Prosecutions (2005) EWHC 684;
ILDC 91.
5. It’s not correct.
6. –
7. –
8. –
9. It was the first case testing the offence provisions of the EPBC Act. Use Find
it your Library
10. Brett Borsare
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