Some ideas

Promoting languages in your school
Some ideas
1. Language Day/International Day/Harmony Day
 Ex students to talk at assembly
 Include all languages in school community
 Listen to students’ stories
 Involve parents
 Involve other departments
 Tour de France/Masterchef/markets and bazaars/cafe/music contest/trivia
quiz/French soiree/
 Survey school population on languages spoken, born o’seas,parents/g’parents speak
other languages- (Senior research project for Geography/Society & culture etc)
Present research at school assembly
 Raise money for charity
 Prayers in different languages
2. Linking in with School social justice program
 Assembly speakers from NGOs
 Promoting opportunities working as a volunteer overseas
 Need for language experts
 Raising awareness of world issues- beyond the school
 Ongoing relationship with a particular cause/charity
3. Language newsletter
 Student driven
 Student work
 Use at Open Days, Information nights, Parent /teacher nights
 Place in foyer
 Create a collage for annual magazine
4. Participation in external language competitions
 Film competitions- MLTA, Goethe Institute, Video Matsuri
 Art competitions- Art Speaks Japanese
 Japan Foundation
 Alliance Francaise
 Try and integrate into teaching programs, so not as an extra
5. Subject choice evenings
 Why learn Languages?
 The benefits of language learning
 One page content planner showing progression and continuity of language learning
in your school
 Show parents the level language students reach by Yr 12(sample text, sample HSC
 University incentives
March 2011
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Studying a language assists English – transference of skills
Continuers and Extension scores well
Career paths- AEF site, Asia Literacy Ambassadors, St Mary Star of the Sea DVD,
recent news articles, ex students
 Volunteer organisations
Sister school relationships
Promotion of progression and achievement
 Easy to read programs on school portal for parents
 Goals for each topic in student books
 Student checklists at end of each topic
 Faculty-based achievement certificates
Languages Noticeboard
Native speaker teaching assistants
What are you currently doing?
Do you think it is working?
What can you do to make it more effective?
Need to consider time constraints for teachers and timetabling issues.
What funding can we access?
March 2011
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